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Dr Susan Cook
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In Private Practice providing psychotherapy, clinical assessment and diagnosis since 1996.
In Network with all major private insurers in Maine, Medicare and Mainecare.

Internships and Pre- and Post-Doctoral Training

*Research Assistant  in the Child Development Unit to Brazelton Fellow

Children's Hospital Medical Center
Boston, Mass. 02115

Study of premature infants in neonatal intensive care unit.
Infant observation and assessment.


*Research Associate
Family Development Study

Children's Hospital Medical Center Boston, Mass. 02115 Design of longitudinal study of developmental consequences of child abuse. Data analysis. Psychological evaluation of children.

*Research Assistant

Martha's Vineyard Child Heath Survey
Dept. of Psychiatry
Children's Hospital Medical Center
Boston, Mass. 02115

Psychiatric epidemiologic survey of behavior problems among young children and family life stress. Data analysis. Interviewing. Design of research instruments and methods.

 *Research Assistant 

to the Massachusetts State Legislature Joint Committee on Human Services  Boston, Mass. 02115

Analysed impact of proposed changes in child abuse reporting law.

*Special Needs Teacher Washington County Children's Program

Machias, Maine

Intervention with high risk children and their

families. Developmental evaluation of children.

Developed project slide tape

Co-authored book ”Helping Children Grow. Organized parent cooperative preschool.

*Interviewer Emma Willard Adolescent Girls Project

Harvard Graduate School of Education

Cambridge, Mass. 02138

Dr. Carol Gilligan, Investigator

Study of adolescent females and their sense of identity, morality and relationship.

Author of study-related paper.

*Consultant to  Maine State Department of Education

Evaluation of statewide program to enroll homeless adolescents in school.

*Consultant with the Scarborough  ME. School Department Evaluation of parents' views and childrens' ability in ungraded, multi-age and standard second grade classrooms.

*Consultant in Union 51/ Windsor, Maine

In-service training about preschool screening psychological evaluation of young children.




Psychological and Educational Services
Casco Bay Substance Abuse Resource Center   Portland, Maine 04103 Substance Abuse and Psychotherapy interventions.=
Sweetser Children's Services   Saco, Maine

Pre-Doctoral Training
Clinical Intern
Somerville Community Health Center/ Cambrdige City Hospital Affiliate
Someville, MA.

Clinical Intervention with children and adults. Substance-abuse treatment. Evaluation. Psychotherapy. Adult women and men. Teens. Children.

*Program Coordinator

Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program for teenagers w/acute psychiatric illness

Jackson Brook Institute, South Portland, Me. (now: Spring Harbor Hospital, Westbrook, ME.) Supervisor: Dr. Peter Donnelly (now in Private Practice, South Portland, Maine)


Jackson Brook Institute/ Child-Adolescent Unit
South Portland, Maine

Academic Courses Taught (Adjunct/ Temporary Appointments)

*Teaching Fellow, Harvard University
Moral Development under Dr. Carol Gilligan

*University of Southern Maine (Adjunct/ Temporary appointments)
(# times taught)
Adult Development (3)
Psychological Measurement and Evaluation (3)
Adolescent Development (3)
Lifespan Development I (2)

Human Growth and Development (15)
Research Methods and Techniques (2)

Psychology of Women (3)
Child Development (5)
Social Psychology (2)

Violence and Aggression (1)


Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale
(reliability established by Dr. Kevin Nugent)
Weschler Intelligence Scales;
Rorschach (Exner Comprehensive Scoring System)
Thematic Apperception test (TAT);
McCarthy Scales of Children's Abilities;
Brazelton Neonatal Behavioral Assessment Scale (reached Reliability);
Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test;
Newberger Parental Awareness Measure (100 + interviews/scored);
Bayley Developmental Scales and
Roberts Apperception Test

1992 - 1994 Board Member and Secretary of Board of Directors Center for Grieving Children, Portland, ME

1990-1991 Aid to Families with Dependent Children Advisor Council Facilitator Lewiston-Auburn area

Harvard University
Cook, Susan. A Sense of Belonging, A Sense of Place: the Child In the Family and the Perspective Take. Dissertation. Harvard University. 1986

arls, Felton and Cook, Susan (Summer 1983). Play observations of three year old children and their relationship to parental reports of behavior problems and temperament characteristics. Child Psychiatry and Human Development, 13 (4), 225-232

Newberger, Carolyn and Cook, Susan (July 1983). Parental awareness and child abuse: A Cognitive developmental analysis of urban and rural samples. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 53 (3), 512-522. Referenced in The Developing Child, 5th edition, by Helen Bee.

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Additional Credentials

  • Membership: Society for Research in Child Development
  • Member Since: 1986
  • Membership: American Psychological Association
  • Member Since: 1987
Who I Work With
Updates and Newest Findings
Dr Susan Cook